Must Read book for Java Developer

Today I want to share some books which impacted in my carrier in positive way. I would emphasize to read book weekly or on holidays.

I would like to share reading book have given me new energy in my career, It has given me new clarity in thought and confidence to make any technical decision related to my development work.

Below are some list of book which must read by any Java developer.Any one having basic Java development understanding can start reading these books.

  1. Effective Java Indeed Effective Java book is bible for Java developers, recently I bought third edition of Effective Java book which covers the best practices related to Java 8 & Java 9 also, which is addition to Effective Java 2nd edition. You can buy Effective Java book in any format, I love to read hard copy of books so I purchased the hard copy of this book , You can also buy this book from here.
  2. Java Concurrency in Practice –  Java Concurrency in Practice  is much read book for Java developer .Java Concurrency in Practice book gives you better understanding of multi-threading and concurrent programming. For any Senior level developer this book is must read book. I have read Java Concurrency in Practice book one time but was not able to digest easily. This book requires a lot of passion and having basic understanding of Java multi-threading related concepts is added advantage. You can buy this book from this link.
  3. Functional Programming in Java –  If you want to start with functional programming or thinking to learn Java 8 I would suggest to buy Functional Programming in Java by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam . I really motivated by this person and his books and articles. If You are new to functional programming You must buy this book and read it twice. You can buy this book from here.
  4. Architecting Modern Java EE Applications – If you are really passionate to learn the capability of Java Enterprise Edition. In this book Sebastian has shared his experience which he gained during the development of JEE light weight application. Its not required to use Spring and Hibernate like framework to develop a nice and effective enterprise java application. You can buy this book from this link.

Hope You will spend some money on your skills and I can ensure you this investment will repay you. I will keep updating this article based on my personal reading experience.


Enjoy Learning, Enjoy Sharing !

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